Friday, May 7, 2010

Hanna Walker's Art Show

Remarkable Results

Yesterday we talked about the amazing tenacity and elbow grease that went into The Hanna Walker Art Show. Today we will discuss and see some of the results from this unique event.

The Art Show brought considerable attention to the talent of Hanna Walker and to her memory.

There was much surprise and enjoyment by those attending.

The displaying collectors who are related to her were given the chance to renew relations and compare collections—almost a Walker family reunion type dynamic.

The city of Luling benefitted by being the site of an event of this nature.

A website can be found at that contains photo images of all of the 70 or so paintings that were on display at the art show and of selected other paintings by Hanna Walker, each one complete with a caption giving the name of the painting and of the collector.

That website also contains information about the art show and about the life of Hanna Walker.

After-the-fact word and conversation about the art show reached at least five collectors of paintings by Hanna Walker located inside and outside of Texas . They contacted individuals who had been involved in the art show and expressed disappointment that they had not known about it and interest in participating should another art show be held.

The printed program that was distributed at the art show was expanded to include photo images of more of the paintings that were displayed and more information about the life of Hanna Walker and the mounting of the art show. A copy of the expanded program was circulated to the exhibitors and friends of the art show. A copy is in the archives of the Genealogical & Historical Society of Caldwell County, Texas (“GHSCC”), in Luling , Texas . A copy is also archived on the seventh floor of the Dallas Public Library in downtown Dallas , Texas.

An article about the life of Hanna Walker, complete with information about the art show and her family tree, appeared in the Fall 2009 edition of The Plum Creek Almanac, which is a publication of the GHSCC.

An iMovie DVD was prepared and distributed to the art show exhibitors. It contains about 55 photo images of paintings that were displayed at the art show, complete with captions giving the name of each painting and of the collector. A copy of this DVD has been permanently archived at the GHSCC.

Three of Hanna Walker’s paintings—none of which was exhibited at the art show—were among the 259 lots that were included in the David Dike Fine Art auction in October, 2009, in Dallas , Texas . This annual auction is recognized as offering for purchase a preeminent collection of Early Texas Art. A copy of the catalogue of that October, 2009 auction is currently available at the offices of David Dike Fine Art, 2613 Fairmount, Dallas , Texas 75201 . Persons interested in receiving the catalogue for the 2010 and subsequent auctions may contact the offices of David Dike by e mail, using this address:

Bill said, "The outcome of the event made the planning aggravations and anxieties seem trivial."

From a good idea to reality, what a far-reaching occasion this was. Congratulations to everyone connected to this ambitious and worthwhile project!

We salute you Miss Hanna!

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