Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Star Spotlight

On Fridays we will feature special projects, photography and ideas contributed by talented seniors along with information about the Internet.

Valerie Jagiello has been a contributor to our blog on several occasions. This set of graphics, along with the self-portrait below and the running commentary are just plain fun! The subject of this post is her much loved lad, Harry Gareth Edward Spaulding.


"Local lad crosses the pond and sets the colonies on its ear!

Harry Gareth Edward Spaulding will wave good bye to his K9 Mum and Dad and board a flight from Heathrow headed for the Big Apple. He is a brave lad and his tail is wagging in anticipation of his new life and all of the new experiences he will have.

Before HGES leaves his beloved England he takes one more stroll around Birmingham. He will surely miss sitting on the top level of the bus with the wind blowing in his face and wonders if they have these types of buses in New York.

After a few lonely years in New York HGES finally finds his true Mum. Together they have fun, howl, play games and even play dress up. Harry Gareth Edward Spaulding is a born artist just like his Mum...Valerie Jagiello. He poses for her photographs and one day a friend from New York named Yvonne suggested he send some snaps to The New York Daily News. Well guess what....he did and they got published! A STAR WAS BORN!!!

Here you see Harry with all the neon lights on Broadway, on Broadway!!!

Ever the showman Harry Gareth Edward Spaulding sang and danced with the world famous Radio City Music Hall Rockettes!

One of HGES favorite places to visit in New York is Liberty Island and Miss Liberty. Harry's life is now full with love and happiness. He has many friends. Creatively speaking he is fulfilled too. He contributes monthly to the ComputerSavvySeniors blog where he writes about his life's adventures with Mum. He continues his modeling activities and is looking for more print work and maybe a commercial or two! He looks forward to blogging here again!"

"Cheerio y'all. Your friend, Harry Gareth Edward Spaulding."

One of things that makes my job so much fun is seeing the wonderfully creative minds of my students at work every time I teach. We seniors are funny, smart, creative, talented and exceptional and we should never forget that!"

A Special Thanks to Valerie Jagiello for this charming contribution to our blog!

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Anonymous said...

Fun, fun Valerie! Great sense of humor.