Monday, October 19, 2009

Make it Happen Monday

All over the USA, Seniors are using their years of experience and knowledge in a servant leadership capacity in their communities. They are volunteering their services when needed. On Mondays we are looking forward to sharing the stories of some of these "make it happen" senior volunteers along with interesting volunteering opportunities.

Encouragement for Caregivers

I have a sister-in-law, who will be featured in next Monday's post) who has spent her life caregiving. What a thankless, crucial, important gift caregiving is! Never easy, usually a daily grind that takes enormous patience and strength.

As I researched this subject, I found the following poem of encouragement for caregivers:

A poem for the caregivers who selflessly offer support to those who need assistance the most.

Lord, bless me this morning and each one I rise
With a wealth of strength; please bring hope to my eyes
Be sure I’m well-grounded for those in my care
Even if the challenge becomes much to bear
Should this day bring hardship, please help me to find
A beautiful memory for some peace of mind
Please shower my life with compassion and love
As I take my cues from your guidance, above.

Lord, bless me this morning, as I make my way
Please give me the laughter to warm someone’s day
Be sure I am steady, be sure I am wise
Be sure I am ready, should struggles arise
If I shed a tear, Lord, I pray you will see
I’m making the most of the chores asked of me
As I strive to put others’ needs ‘fore my own
Always stand beside me, so I’m not alone.

Lord, bless me this morning and each one I live
So I’ll remain focused on the care I give
Be sure I’m afforded the best tools allowed
To serve others’ needs and in turn, make them proud
Please look down upon me and offer a smile
So, I’ll always know that my job is worthwhile
Let me treat each patient and illness the same
As worthy as this prayer, I’ve asked in Your Name.

© 2008 – Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection

I also found a series of links where caregivers can find help and encouragement:

To read the digital edition of the July/August issue, featuring Jill's poem, please visit:

To read the poem, as posted on Jill's Author's Den website, please visit:

What would the world do with out these precious people?

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