Monday, April 13, 2009

The Rolling Rains Report

The Rolling Rains Report
Dr. Scott Rains


We are very honored to announce that Dr. Scott Rains will be a periodic contributor to our blog and the Travel Department of Computer School for Seniors.

Dr. Rains writes daily on travel and issues in the tourism industry of interest to people with disabilities. His work appears online at and He is the founder of the global forum on Inclusive Tourism – Tour Watch. Rains’ articles have also appeared in New Mobility, Emerging Horizons, Venture, Brave New Traveler, Challenges, TravelBiz Monitor, Enabled Online, Contours, Accessible Portugal, Audacity, Travel and Transitions, eTur Brazil, Success & Ability, Turismo Polibea, [with]TV, and Disaboom among others.

For his research on the topic of Universal Design and the travel and hospitality industry he was appointed as Resident Scholar at the Center for Cultural Studies of the University of California Santa Cruz (2004-05). Rains has been retained as a consultant on Inclusive Tourism traveling as Visiting Journalist at the invitation of India, Australia, and South Africa. He is a lifetime Honorary Member of the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT.
His 2009 schedule includes invitations to address the third International Accessible Tourism Conference in Singapore, the first conference on neuromedicine, disability and tourism in Milan and the third i-CREATE conference sponsored by the Princess of Thailand in Singapore.

He was co-convener of the second International Accessible Tourism Conference hosted by the United Nations November 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand and was consultant for the September 2007 World Assembly on the U. N. Convention, on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Seoul, South Korea. He is Resource Person for UNESCAP on the topic of inclusion in tourism.

Starting next week Dr. Rains will be sharing information with us about “Inclusive Tourism”—a concept arising from the vigor of a global disability community that both enjoys and asserts the right to full social inclusion.

To learn more about Dr. Rains work, visit

Dr. Rains will also be serving as a faculty Advisor to the Travel Department at

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