Monday, April 13, 2009

Photo Tips Monday


I sincerely appreciate Nancy Nordstrom's passion for Lifelong Learning. Her post several weeks ago was outstanding as usual and I really liked her Henry Ford quote:
"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether they are twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning is young."

As a photographer, I consider myself a lifelong learner. I am always reading the latest photography information in numerous magazines and websites. I read all the equipment reviews and stay up to date with the latest equipment and newest trends. As I have stated in my March 2nd Post, I am a gadget person. I love new technology. I have an iPhone. A Mac. A Kindle. I get excited reading about all the technological advances that are being made everyday.
With that as background, you can appreciate how a video titled "Did You Know?"caught my attention on You Tube. Sony played this video at their Executive Management Conference this year. I think it is very thought provoking and affirms why all of us need to continue to be lifelong learners and encourage our kids and grand kids to be lifelong learners. Enjoy and think about it !!!

(HINT***** This video has music - before you hit play - go to the box that has our Computer Savvy Seniors Playlist and hit pause. Then hit play on the video - that way the blog's music will not be playing at the same time as the video's music.

When you are finished listening to the video, go back down and click the arrow to restart the music for the blog.)

Dave Berry shares his Photography Tips at Computer School for Seniors (

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Anonymous said...

Loved the video! Where do you find this stuff? It's great.

Jane B.