Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rolling Rains Report
Dr. Scott Rains


We are very honored to announce that Dr. Scott Rains will be a periodic contributor to our blog and the Travel Department of Computer School for Seniors.

Opening the Tourism & Neurology Congress

Recently, Dr. Rains made a presentation to the Italian National Neurological Institute in Milan, Italy on disability and travel.


Here are some excerpts from his Blog on that trip.

The Congress began with a press conference. The regional administration of Lombardy showed its strong support. Previews of some of the conference themes included tourism as a quality-of-life issue, as rehabilitation, and cooperation between regions in Italy to develop the market in a coordinated fashion

After the Congress we took a retreat to recuperate at I Girasoli , the Tuscan vacation spot developed by the Italian MS Society. It includes a restaurant with an excellent selection of food and wines. Even if you think you are coming for the architecture, the people, or their history it would be wise to practice up on your Italian-for-dining vocabulary:

Below are just a few examples of the meals we have enjoyed here. They are, in the fine Italian tradition of Mangia! Mangia! (Eat! Eat!), full course adventures: antipasto - pasta - main course - salad - dessert. Regional cuisine is always much in evidence:

• Farfalle verde oro
• Minestra di faro
• Ravioli allla salvia bruchiata
• Rigatoni cacio e pepe
• Costine di agnello alla graglia
• Carciofi con aglio e prezzemolo
• Caprese
• Bielole

Accessing Assisi


Assisi is not the sort of topography for leisurely strolls if you use a wheelchair. For those of us with a special interest in St Francis the physical exertion of visiting the hillside town outweighs the difficulty of doing so. Then there is the added pleasure of the commanding vistas over the Tuscan landscape.

This travelogue picks up long into the journey due to an unexpected injury preventiong me from posting. A small abrasion on my hand became so severely infected that it requires daily injections of anti-biotic and anti-inflamatory.

Touring again is appealing after two days of post-conference for recuperation in Venice and now north of Florence near Lucignano at the resort complex for the Italian MS Society.
La Casa Vacanza I Girasoli , the Sunflowers Vacation Resort, is a barrier-free venue. It has a restaurant that serves local foods as well as special diets. They have six electric scooters to lend, several tiny adapted cars to borrow, and a lift-equipped bus with a driver to rent for private tours. The grounds and countryside and vistas are beautiful - if you can get yourself out of the house restaurant and its excellent wine collection with enough time to enjoy them.

For more information:

To learn more about Dr. Rains work, visit Dr. Rains will also be serving as a faculty Advisor to the Travel Department at

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