Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesdays Treasures

On Tuesday's we are going to take a trip down memory lane with some "remember when" photos and stories submitted by our students. It could be photos from a high school prom; a nostalgic look at a 1950's TV program or a collage of photos that were just taken last week. If you have memories, old or new, you would like to share, send them to me at mxw8110@yahoo.com

Six Generations
This is one of my own images. It is my mother when she was two or three years old. The other women are her mother, her grandmother, and her great grandmother. Looking at this image, I can feel their presence across the generations.

In this picture my mother is 83. The other women are with my sister, my daughters and me.

Put them together and there are 6 generations of us in one image!

George Bernard Shaw said, “Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it onto future generations.”

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