Monday, March 16, 2009

Capture the Moment Mondays

Dave Berry, Director of the Photography Department at Computer School for Seniors will be sharing his insightful Photo Tips with you every Monday for Capture the Moment Mondays.

It’s March Madness Week!!!!!!!!
This is more than “Capture the Moment Monday.” 
This is “Capture the One Shining Moment Monday.”

If you are a sports photographer or just interested in sports, this is an exciting time…the start of March Madness with a wealth of some of the greatest sports action photos you will ever see. Players flying through the air slamming the ball through the hoop. Cheerleaders launched like they were just shot out of a cannon. Coaches, players and fans screaming their heads off or holding their heads in their hands in utter frustration.

All season long, die-hard basketball fans and even once a year March Madness fans wait for the start of this big event. If you are lucky enough to be one of the photographers assigned to cover one of the 64 teams in the tournament, this is your idea of heaven. When I look at some of the action photos shared in the newspapers, magazines and on the Internet, it brings back many fond memories of when I was a sports photographer and was on the sidelines of the USC football games in the late ‘70’s and ‘80’s.


In the Photography Studio on the Computer School for Seniors campus, I recommend a lot of fabulous phtography sites. If you recall, last Monday I shared the Moose Peterson website with you. Moose has a passion for wildlife photography. This week with the start of March Madness, I felt it was appropriate to share another exciting website with you, “Sports Shooter.” It’s primarily an online community and resource for sports photographers and other working photojournalists. But Sporters Shooter also serves as an informative and inspiring site for anyone who wants to be on the sidelines or under the basket capturing great moments at your favorite sporting venue which may be your grandson’s little league game. It’s just a fun site to look at and dream. Particularly during March Madness. Take a look at

Have fun. What a tournament. I’m already humming…”One Shining Moment.”
Photobucket is an online community and resource for sports photographers and other working photojournalists.

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