Monday, March 2, 2009

Capture the Moment Monday

Dave Berry, Director of the Photography Department at Computer School for Seniors will be sharing his insightful Photo Tips with you every Monday for Capture the Moment Mondays.

Kindle 2--Dave's Favorite Thing !!!!!!!!!!

Those of you that know me know that I am a gadget person! Last year I bought myself a gift that changed my life - It is absolutely my new favorite thing in the World. Meet the Amazon Kindle 2, a wireless portable reading device with instant access to more than 240,000 books, blogs, newspapers and magazines.

Whether you're in bed or on a plane, Kindle lets you think of a book and get it in less than a minute. Although the Amazon Kindle costs $359, it is an environmentally friendly investment. I will admit, it is expensive in these times, but it is not frivolous because it will pay for itself. The books are cheaper, and you are saving paper.  New York Times Bestsellers and New Releases are $9.99 or less, unless otherwise marked. If you are like me and a little computer challenged, do not be afraid of the kindle. You do not even have to have a computer for it to work - that's the brilliant thing about it! You simply download a book to your Kindle. This allows you to take your entire library any place at any time!!!! The Amazon Kindle is equipped to hold 1500 books and it is kind of like a cell phone.  It has a wireless radio built right into it and you can shop the Amazon bookstore right from the device. It is like roaming through Barnes and Noble without leaving your chair. Anytime you want to buy a book, you can in less than 60 seconds. 

I also receive the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Time Magazine all on my Kindle every morning. It even has a built-in dictionary!!!! In addition, you can even download songs to your Kindle. The wonderful thing about Kindle is you will never lose a book because everything is stored and archived for you at Amazon free of charge. By now you must think I am on commission from Kindle---Well I'm not !!!!!!! But as the commerical says "I don't leave home without it"! You can check it out at Are you ready to build your Kindle library?

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