Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Short Tail of Love, Understanding & Brotherhood

Hello All,

Over the past week I've been bouncing around ideas for this weeks tail. When I finally got in front of my computer all I could think about was the inspired posts by Larry, Bill and Ken. They made this Puli stop and look deep inside.

One common thought resounded between the lines...love, understanding and brotherhood. To me, Harry Gareth Edward Spaulding it translated into the importance of saying how much WE, as pets, luv and care for our human families each day.

While being a good dog is an important part of my daily life.....so is giving my best to Mum and Fischer. Besides my writing and modeling, I'm also head of security here at jagielloland. These jobs keep me busy but I stay tuned into their needs and I know when they're not feeling up to par. It's then I spring into action and help any way I can. It can be a little kiss when they least expect it or a snuggle up when we're all watching tellie. This is my way of saying how much I luv and care for them.

On the human side, Fischer and I both know how much our Mum luvs and cares for us. For no reason she'll give us treats, take us on extra long walks so we can visit with our neighborhood friends or a loving word and simple pat on the head. In Fischer's case it's a belly rub.....he goes ballistic for a good belly rub!!!

Mum keeps us healthy too and takes us to the vet for our annual check up and shots (boo). Last week we went to visit Dr. Edwards and she gave us both four paws up!!! We were pleased and so was Mum. It's this give and take of luv and caring which makes this lads life wonderful!

I hope that you will think about this the next time your pet comes round....to play or just be close. WE are all ONE family.

Lastly, here's something to bring a smile to your face. Don't forget to share it with your pet too!

Don't forget Valentine's day is coming.....PETS luv-v-v-v holiday treats!!! Have a great week.

Cheerio y'all.
Your friend,Harry Gareth Edward Spaulding
CSS Puli-at-Large


Anonymous said...

Harry Gareth Edward Spaulding, CSS Puli-at-Large....we knew you when you were just Harry. You are our hero!!!
Woofs and XXX's
Georgia and Gino

Anonymous said...

Harry love your "tails".

Tex from Lodi

Anonymous said...

Harry certainly deserves the woof award for communication...He has much Puli insight..He will go very far in the anals of canine history.
we love your Tails too . And have fun with friskie Fischer.
Meow from Sophie, and the birds adore you...

iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

cute cute cute!!!!!!!