Monday, August 3, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures

On Tuesdays we provide our Faculty an opportunity to feature the talented work of some of our students and friends. You may see a display of creative PhotoShop work, their beautiful photographs or an interesting story about an individual’s meaningful contribution to his or her community, country or the world.If you have memories, old or new, you would like to share, send them to me at

Shiver Me Timbers
and Grab My Pirate Hat!

This charmer was done by Betty Malone, one of my students at the college where I teach in Dallas. I loved it the instant I saw it!

Adding the vector graphics in with the child’s pictures gives the overall image zip. Of course it helps that the pictures themselves are great, from start to finish. What an adorable child, and that face tells it all, doesn’t it?

The last picture in this collage brought to mind an image by John Singer Sargent at the Dallas Museum of Art that I've always loved. It is called Dorothy and is of a child who I do believe was waaaay past being overjoyed by sitting for this portrait!

I know how hard I try to hit the moving targets my grandkids are with my camera at the right time. Imagine trying to paint one of them!!

Information about painting:

Portrait of Dorothy (Dorothy Williamson)
John Singer Sargent -- American painter
Dallas Museum of Art, Texas
Oil on canvas From Dallas Museum of Art (9/5/08)Dorothy Williamson was the granddaughter of George Millar Williamson, one of John Singer Sargent's first American patrons. Sargent painted Dorothy's portrait in London in 1900 and exhibited the work the following year at the Society of
American Artists in New York.

A special thank you to Betty Malone for sharing this fun image with us.

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Anonymous said...

What a great grandmother to go to all that effort! Good for you.