Monday, August 3, 2009

Make It Happen Mondays

All over the USA, Seniors are using their years of experience and knowledge in a servant leadership capacity in their communities. They are volunteering their services when needed. On Mondays we are looking forward to sharing the stories of some of these "make it happen" senior volunteers along with interesting volunteering opportunities.

Your Very Own Library

Terence Cook said, “The reflections and histories of men and women throughout the world are contained in books.... America's greatness is not only recorded in books, but it is also dependent upon each and every citizen being able to utilize public libraries.”

I have always loved my library wherever I have lived. Sure some are better and bigger than others, but fundamentally they are the same. A place where caring people in all levels of society can gather around books, periodicals and computers to learn about the past and present, or just to find a good read that will take you away from it all for a while.

There is always a children’s department, which was the first place we would head as my kids were growing up. And now my daughter takes my grandchildren to the library every couple of weeks.

Look at the list of volunteering opportunities that is on the Dallas Public Library website:

The Dallas Public Library needs volunteers for a variety of programs. Here's a sampling of the many opportunities available:
  • After school homework tutor
  • Assist with AuthorSpeak (in spring of each year)
  • Assist with Book Repair
  • Assist with Computer classes
  • Assist with ESL classes
  • Assist with Every Child Ready to Read – an early literacy program for parents of preschoolers
  • Assist with International Book Fair (in fall of each year)
  • Assist with Mayor’s Summer Reading Program Party
  • Assist with Poetry Contest Party
  • Assist with Tulisoma South Dallas Book Fair (in late summer each year)
  • Assist with résumé building for customers
  • Assisting with Exhibits and Displays
  • Children's Assistant
  • Data entry in Volunteer Office & Other Main Library Units
  • Face painting for children’s events
  • File / inventory maps, news articles, and other materials throughout library system
  • Inventory medical collection
  • Label microfilm
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Place sensitive materials in plastic covers
  • Receptionist
  • Recycle and pack boxes
  • Shelve books and other materials
  • Spanish-Language Translator
  • Summer Reading Club Assistant
Lots of needs for caring volunteers on this list! Wherever you live, I’d be willing to bet your library could use a hand with their efforts!

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