Sunday, August 9, 2009

Inspirational Sunday

Bill Witcher, co-founder of Computer School for Seniors will be sharing words of encouragement, inspiration and hope with you each Sunday.

We are blessed.
Cherish the moment.

As I grow older, I discover that I am more aware of spcecial moments or events that take place at certain times in my life that I want to cherish, hold on to, and remember. And I am finding that more and more of these “times of my life” experiences take place around our three grand kids.

Quite a few times lately, Mimi and I have commented on how they precious they are and how blessed we are to be able to spend time with them and watch them grow up. Many times we have said, “Cherish it, they will only be this age once.”

We were fortunate this past weekend to be able to cram a whole lot of “Kodak moments” into a non-stop 24 hour period. Our two granddaughters had a sleep over with Mimi and Papa.

A friend called Saturday morning around 8:30 AM and since we were not home, left a message on our Voice Mail. That evening I emailed him with an explanation of where we were when he called.

“When you called this morning, Mimi and I were at the tennis court playing tennis with our granddaughters. They had a sleep over at Mimi and Papa's. Within 24 hours, we ate dinner out, went shopping for snacks and breakfast items ("Papa, i weally do wuv these Scooby Do tweats, I just think we hav to hav em") then home for swimming, Our complex has 3 pools and 4 fountains and we were in all of them. My oldest granddaughter set a record of running, jumping off the side of the pool and catching a ball, which I was throwing, before she hit the water. Her record was 20 in a row which beat the previous two records of 9 in a row and 17 in a row. That should give you an idea of how long we did that. In bed by 10:00 (sure that’s late but that’s part of the deal, we get to spoil them), up at 6 AM.

Breakfast and off to feed the Ducks...

We went to the playground next and then hit golf balls...

All of this followed by Tennis and we were only at 10 AM!
Two absolutely precious little girls and so full of energy. Priceless.

Today is a gift from the Lord. Rejoice and be glad in it. A gentleman by the name of Dale Witherington wrote a poem called “The Lifebuilder’s Creed” in which he shares the importance of each day and living in the moment. In part this is what he wrote:

Today is the most important day of my life.
Yesterday with it successes and victories, struggles and failures
is gone forever.

The past is past.
I cannot relive it. I cannot go back and change it.
But I will learn from it and improve my Today.

Today. This moment. NOW.
It is God's gift to me and it is all that I have.

Tomorrow with all its joys and sorrows, triumphs and
troubles isn't here yet.
Indeed, tomorrow may never come.
Therefore, I will not worry about tomorrow.

Today is what God has entrusted to me
It is all that I have. I will do my best in it.

Bill Witcher is co-founder of Computer School for Seniors He can be reached at

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Anonymous said...

Precious moments. Fun to share. Thanks. Jane