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The Rolling Rains Report

The Rolling Rains Report
Dr. Scott Rains

We are pleased that Scott Rains will be a periodic contributor to our Blog. To learn more about Dr. Rains work, visit

Travel for the elderly and people with disabilities can be very challenging. Dr. Rains looks for solutions to those challenges. In particular he searches for examples of how Universal Design creates new travel opportunities and products that are, to quote the definition of Universal Design, usable by the widest range of people operating in the widest range of situations.

Recently in Aging and Travel Category
Sarah Fuller and Wheel Away Travel

Head over to Wheel Away Disabled Travel and meet someone who really understands that inclusion in tourism is not just about people with disabilities:
The Wheel Away Disabled Travel - Hong Kong City Guide contains practical information about getting around Hong Kong, and is not only for people with disability, but also for seniors and families with children in strollers who struggle to find a straight forward way around.

This guide is a 'must' for all adventurous travellers, travel agents, health care professionals, recruitment agents, and human resources and diversity departments in multinational corporations.
About the author - Sarah Fuller

My father requires the use of a wheelchair following a stroke that occurred some 18 years ago. This resulted in paralysis and aphasia (the loss of language skills). I have travelled frequently and extensively with my father who is always accompanied by my mother, his primary caregiver, and also often by my sister. It takes the combination of all of us to make travel possible for my father.

I established Wheel Away Disabled Travel in Hong Kong to self-publish a travel guide about one of the most exciting cities in Asia. I'm truly passionate about travel because it brings me immense delight at being able to witness firsthand the diversity of our world. While born in Australia, I have been living in Hong Kong for 17 years and it has been from this vantage point that I have planned many successful voyages!

My parents are also passionate travellers and it is with this in mind that I began developing comprehensive itineraries so that they could visit me in Hong Kong. Over the years we have travelled throughout Asia. For each trip, I create a diverse, action-packed itinerary. I book all the flights and hotel accommodation, which takes considerable planning and research. This city guide will show you too how to plan travel that meets your needs.

Whether you're a nervous first-timer or an experienced, independent wheelchair traveller, it is possible to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

I acknowledge that the disability experience is different for different people. I have written this resource due to my father's experience, which I wanted to share with others, a knowledge gained over many years of organising travel to ensure access and ease. If I can inspire others to realise their dream to travel and see many of the amazing things I've seen, then this book has been a success!

I write from my heart and personal experience in a genuine effort to inform and encourage people who use a wheelchair to travel, and discover our world of opportunities.

Sarah Fuller
Founder and Author Wheel Away Disabled Travel
Contact us at:
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