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Developments in
Consumer Travel Applications

By Scott Rains on April 27, 2010 8:21 AM

So far, no one is answering the question, "How accessible will this next generation of travel and booking infrastructure be?"

A battle is raging between Apple, Nokia, Amazon, Google, and RIM to develop a platform for the travel industry, and it has been reported that Apple has filed a patent for their version of such a travel application - iTravel. This application will book flights, hotels, and cars, as well as provide paperless airline check-in...

"As an airline these are the traditional information customers are looking for. A new trend will certainly start around the options new devices provide like location-based services, as well as integration of other services like social networks," Heucke had said. And this has been the case of late.

Earlier this year, Progress Software announced the launch of what is being described as the air travel industry's first real-time, location-based social networking solution for frequent flyers.Source:

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