Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Star Spotlight

Seniors are doing a lot of exciting things and we're looking forward to featuring their impresssive accomplishments every Saturday in our Star Spotlight.

Thoughtful, Interesting and Classy

My collage class has started up again at the Community College where I teach. I have three classes where students create their own images, and many times they generously allow me to share these gems. Remember my students are all between the age of 50 and 90.

I have the privilege every semester of seeing how smart, creative and talented our age group really is. It never, ever ceases to surprise and delight.

This collage was created by Dora Slover. Here is how she explained her thinking when she created the collage:

"I chose my photographs to illustrate our vacation in Washington, DC last year.

I used the Washington munument and made it the center of interest because if you get to a point where you can see the monument when in central DC you can find yourself on the map. I then chose four of the major buildings in the central area. I tried to find four buildings with a columnar facade, but decided the Capitol was too important to pass up. The buildings on the left are the White House and the National Library. The buildings on the right are the Supreme Court and the Capitol.

Across the bottom row, I chose three photos of the Arlington Cemetery. The soldiers close the collage within a frame, and send the eye to the center photograph. When the eye follows the line of the tombstones it continues into the photo above of the Washington Monument, causing the eye to return to the top of the collage."

The informative text about this attractive collage makes viewing it richer and more interesting.

Special Thanks to Dora Slover for sharing her work with us.

I often think of my daughter's favorite quote when I'm viewing my student's work, "Promise me you'll always remember you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin to Pooh


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Very creative! you inspire me.

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