Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lifelong Learning Thursday

Nancy Merz Nordstrom, author of Learning Later, Living Greater: The Secret of Making the Most of Your After 50 Years will share the benefits of Lifelong Learning on Thursdays.

The Secret for Making the Most of Your After-50 Years.

Lifelong Learning in Your Later Years…
A Health Club for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Continuing our discussion of lifelong learning through meaningful community service…

According to the Wall Street Journal, a growing number of mature volunteers are seeking positions that offer something more–more influence, more authority, more power. They are taking leadership positions in volunteer organizations ensuring that their skills, wisdom and knowledge are being utilized to the fullest.

A 2008 estimate by the Independent Sector says that the dollar value for volunteer work is $20.25 an hour. Given that number, can you imagine what an incredible resource the 76 million Baby Boomers will be to our society, if only a modest number of them engage in community service work? If that’s the case, than what this generation of older adults will give back to society far outweighs what they will take out, thereby negating the doomsday economic predictions of what the retirement of the Baby Boomers might mean to our society.

Lifelong learners who are already offering their skills to the public sector, however, have set a wonderful example for the coming wave of older adults on how to engage in community service.

To set the stage for the further exploration of community service, in future blogs I’ll give you some concrete examples of how these current-day lifelong learners engaged in meaningful volunteerism. We’ll also talk about the many aspects of community service, and give you resources to help you decide how community service can fit into your life and your goal of being a complete lifelong learner.

According to one lifelong learner, Volunteering is one of the best ways people over 60 can contribute to their own well-being. So very, very true!

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