Monday, November 16, 2009

Make it Happen Monday

All over the USA, Seniors and Boomers are using their years of experience and knowledge in servant leadership capacities in their communities because they are waaay to young to retire! On Mondays we will be sharing the stories and inspirational thoughts of some of these remarkable "make it happen" people.

Just Try

Two simple words that are such an important part of making things happen!

I got the following post from my daughter's blog---- which of course I read daily! She is writing to her children, but the message is for us all.

"Whisper in their ears...

There are so many things I want to whisper in their ears. When they are still and sleepy and holding my hand...

There are so many things that I want to say to them after a busy and fun day.

I want to say how special they are - but I want them to be humble.

I want to tell them to be happy but I want them to be able to handle it when they are sad.

I want to tell them that they can do anything that they want but I really don't want them to do anything that they want - think of the chaos in my van alone!!!!!

Tonight I decided as I whispered in the soft little ear and tucked the little footed jammie under the covers that I would whisper...


I want you to try.

I want you to try anything and everything but learn from your choices.

I want you to try hard.

I want you to do your very best at everything you do.

There is so much that can be solved with just a little try.

So that is what I whispered tonight

In the soft little ear

I kissed the sleeping cheek and I tucked them in a little tighter and all I whispered was


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Sage said...

Lovely I must say! I went o check your daughter's blog out. She must be special. And I love the way you included this poem for us seniors. It is so Important that we keep trying; that is to only way to be Happy! I still have lots to learn.