Sunday, November 1, 2009

Inspirational Sunday

Bill Witcher, co-founder of Computer School for Seniors will be sharing words of encouragement, inspiration and hope with you each Sunday.

Three Little Words

How many times have you been in a situation where you desparately wanted to help a friend or loved one but just didn’t know what to do? You think a lot about it. You pray about it. You talk about it. And while you are doing these things, time is passing. The situation hasn’t changed. No one has been helped.

If the Lord convicts your heart that you need to do something….then do it! Take action. Don’t just think about it and talk about it. Move on it. Make it happen.

While Mimi and I were “talking, thinking and praying” (getting ready to take action), a friend of mine sent me the following article by Lee Colan that addresses how each one of us can “Change the World” on a daily basis by simply getting in the habit of saying three little words when appropriate. Good article. Good thoughts. I love it.

“Some people literally change the world; people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin.

Although it’s an ambitious goal to change the world, we often underestimate our singular power to change the world of those around us. We don’t have to be Oprah giving away new cars to positively change someone’s world. We each have that same power. We don’t even have to do anything! We only have to say three simple words.

Try one of these three-word, power-packed statements to change someone’s world:

I love you.
I thank you.
You are terrific.
I am sorry.
I trust you.
I promise you. (and keep it!)
God bless you.
I can help.
I understand you.
You are talented.
I believe you.
You will succeed.
You inspire me.
It’s no problem.
I forgive you.
You’re the best!

Whether we have a long conversation with a friend or loved one or simply place an order at a restaurant, every word makes a difference. The results of our interactions are rarely neutral; they are almost always positive or negative. Ask yourself,

“Do my words reflect my commitment to helping others, creating win-wins, continuously learning, embracing change, supporting my team’s or family’s success?”

Words are the seeds of commitment. We plant the seeds with each movement of our lips. Once they are spoken, our words either grow in the form of an immediate response or they take time to germinate. Whether the result becomes apparent sooner or later, we cannot speak words of failure and defeat and expect a life of success and victory.

Plant the seeds of success in someone’s mind and heart today. You’ll start a positive ripple effect that can be felt by many people and many miles away, not to mention the positive effect you will feel inside.

Just say three simple words.

I will close with a three-word challenge: JUST SAY IT!"


Sage said...

I am a Canadian senior and love the computer; have been learning for the past 10 years. I started a blog lately and still have lots to learn. It is not easy to find blogs from seniors(I have nothing against the younger crowd). I would love to follow you.

Computer Savvy Seniors said...

Thanks so much for visiting. Looking forward to going to visit your blog!