Friday, February 20, 2009

Saturday Star Spotlight-Paul Yowell

Our students are doing a lot of exciting things and we're looking forward to featuring their impresssive accomplishments every Saturday in our Star Spotlight.

Our Saturday Star Spotlight shines on an 83 year old student from Longview, TX, Paul Yowell, who was very surprised to find himself in the Media Spotlight last April right after he enrolled in Computer School for Seniors.

Paul read about Computer School for Seniors early on Sunday morning, April 13th in the Dallas Morning News. He enrolled and was so happy, he fired off a letter to the paper which they published.


He thanked them for running the article and told them that “he had enrolled online and by 8:30 AM he was already studying a Beginners Lesson.” He said, “At 82, I have become 15% computer geek!”

Mechelle Jordan, news reporter for CBS TV 19 in Longview, TX read Paul’s letter and called him to set up a TV interview.

It wasn’t long before a TV Crew was shining their bright lights on Paul in his living room as reporter Mechelle Jordan asked him questions about being a “15% computer geek!”


Mechelle introduced her TV interview by saying, “Learning Computer Tricks Just Got Easier For Seniors. That’s Senior Citizens.” She went on to say, “A new virtual campus is up and running…just for them. Computers have been greek for many older adults. But now, navigating around them can be as simple as pie. 82 year-old Paul Yowell is enjoying every click of his mouse.”

With the TV camera rolling and the bright lights shining, Paul told his new TV fans that, “I now write letters so much better and I enjoy doing it.” He went on to say how he was overcoming his fear of that “17 inch screen and having fun doing it.”

Just last week, Bill Witcher received the following email from Paul...

“I continue to feel so blessed to have discovered your senior school for the capture and control of computers by intimidated seniors. Now at 83, without the help of
my computer, life would certainly be a boring situation. I finally had to give up golf and fishing. But I still have my computer to brighten everyday. Best wishes to you both.”

God Bless, Paul Yowell

Bill Witcher is co-founder of Computer School for Seniors (

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