Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lifelong Learning Thursday-First Post

The Secret for Making the Most of Your After-50 Years.

…a Health Club for Our Minds, Bodies and Spirits!


Welcome! My name is Nancy Merz Nordstrom and this blog is all about the concept, benefits and opportunities of incorporating lifelong learning into our After-50 years. Once you open that door, you never know where it might lead. For instance, I became a new author for the first time at age 61, thanks to my passion for later-life learning.

So, over the coming months, not only will you discover the value of lifelong learning for those of us of a “certain age,” you will also get a behind-the-scenes peek at how my excitement for this subject came to fruition with the writing of Learning Later, Living Greater: The Secret for Making the Most of Your-After 50 Years.

My goal in writing the book was to spread the word about this incredibly value tool in our quest for life satisfaction. Making lifelong learning part of our later years enriches and enhances our lives. It keeps us connected, tuned in and productive, even after we are no longer working full-time.


In future blogs, we will discuss lifelong learning, and its connection with the health of our Minds, our Bodies and our Spirits. We will also look at four of the most popular ways to incorporate lifelong learning into our later years - in the classroom – on the Internet – through educational travel – and, by engaging in meaningful community service. We’ll look at future initiatives in this field as well, and also hear what lifelong learners have to say.

So, hang on! It’s going to be an exciting ride! Before you know it, you’ll be thinking of lifelong learning “After 50” as a kind of health club - a way to invigorate…



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Till Next Time…

Being involved in lifelong learning can open doors you never knew existed.
It can change your life and take it in a completely new direction if you so desire.

Nancy Nordstrom is Director of the Lifelong Learning Department at Computer School for Seniors (


william.witcher said...

Great post Nancy. Valuable information. Perfect for our senior students and soon-to-be students.


Anonymous said...

What a great blog this is! Glad to see it on here! Can't wait to read more!!!