Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mac Monday - but really - how to comment on Blogspot

Greetings my friends! My name is Holly and I am the Computer Savvy Seniors Blog Creator and the Mac Director at Computer School For Seniors .  Remember - you can click on text that has a different color and it is a link that will take you to a different site - in this case - if you click on the words Computer School For Seniors above (see how the two Computer School For Seniors text is different? One is a link) - anyway - if you click on the words Computer School For Seniors - it will take you to the cs4seniors campus. 

Well - I already got off track!!!!!!! 

You will learn that about me - I tend to ramble! 

What I wanted to do today for this Mac Monday is not really a Mac lesson at all. It is a lesson on how to leave a comment on blogger. Now - why would you want to leave a comment? Well - there are a lot of reasons - all of them good ones. You can ask a question, get in touch with a faculty member, just say good job, or even that you don't agree. We welcome all comments and try to respond to them all. I will warn you that unkind comments can be deleted although I know that there is no reason for that - you guys are so great. 

Sigh - I have digressed again......

On to the lesson. 

At the bottom of each post in Blogger - you will see our sign off and posting information. If you click on 2 Comments (this number will change depending on how many comments are there) - it will show you the comments and give you an opportunity to comment. 


You can enter your thoughts and questions in the box under Post A Comment 

Now click Select Profile 


If you have a Wordpress or Typepad account - go ahead and enter your information. If you don't - let's get you signed up with a Google Account. It is quick and easy and will allow you to comment and move easily throughout the blogspot world.


At some point during this process, you will probably be asked to enter Word Verification. This is to prevent spamming and is no big deal. Simply enter the letters that have been provided. If you mess up - they will give you new letters.

If you have a Google Account - enter your information and comment away. If you do not - simple click on the bottom blue line - Create an account


Enter your information, pick a password - and WOW - you can leave a comment!!!! Do you see below how I left my comment and used my user name - Holly :)


Holly Oelkers is Director of The Mac Place at Computer School for Seniors (


william.witcher said...

Hi Holly, I'm going to start posting comments, not only here but on other Blogs as well now that I know how...thank you. Great job on the Blog...this is very exciting that we are becoming Bloggers.


Computer School said...

Lookin' good!

badger said...

Great Blog Holly! I think I am going to enjoy this. I have a couple of things.
1 - When I commented on the 'Tips' all the blog below it disappeared. I wanted to comment to you here but I had to log back in to do so. What did I do wrong?
2 - Twitter - I don't really understand what this is. Is it just another blog site that one can use with chosen friends and family?
3 - Why would we go to Twitter rather than just commenting here?
Libby McCord

Computer Savvy Seniors said...

Great questions! I will get them all answered tomorrow afternoon. :)


Computer magazines said...

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Anonymous said...

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