Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Computer Tips Wednesdays-Change Your Desktop

Mimi Witcher, tech savvy College Instructor, Teacher of the Year and co-founder of Computer School for Seniors will be sharing her user friendly computer tips on Wednesdays.

A Change of Scenery
Feel like a change? Don’t rearrange your furniture; change your computer’s desktop picture! It is fun and easy and will give you a lift to see a new look on your computer’s face!

1. If you are using Windows XP, right-click on an area of the Desktop of your computer that does not have an icon on it. A menu will appear. Choose Properties. This will open the Display Properties dialog box.


2. You can use any of the styles provided by Windows, or you can click the Browse button and add your own picture to your Desktop. When you tire of the image, just repeat this process and add a new one!

3. If you are using Vista, right-click on the Desktop and choose Personalize. When the dialog box appears click on Desktop Background. Another dialog box will come into view showing you “Windows Wallpapers” where you can choose an image. Or click the Browse button and go and get your own picture from a folder on your computer.

Put a picture of someone in your family there and they’ll get a kick out of seeing it!

Mimi Witcher is co-founder of Computer School for Seniors (www.cs4seniors.com)


william.witcher said...

You're so good and so computer savvy. Just what our students need. You're the best.

A lifelong fan.

badger said...

Nice blog - can't wait to see future posts.
Thanks for the tips!

badger said...

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