Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday's with Dr. Roffman

Each Saturday, Dr. Joel Roffman, a prominent Dallas cardiologist and author will share meaningful experiences he has had with patients who are dealing with a variety of physical and emotional issues. You will find the manner in which they deal with life’s problems to be practical, inspirational and uplifting.

Lech l’cha (Go from this Place)

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, but some people can’t resist. Around this time of year, patients often tell me that in the coming year, they are resolved to . . .(pick one) . . . get thinner, stop smoking, spend more time with their loved ones, be a better friend. . etc.

The Hebrew words of the title to this posting were the words God spoke to Abraham. Abraham rejected idolatry – the first monotheist in the Bible. In the early chapters of Genesis, God challenged him to leave his family, his birthplace and his culture, “ . . . To a place that I will show you.”
So of course, if
you smoke, try your best to stop. And if ou are overweight, try your best to lose the extra. But let’s use the New Year to make a spiritual resolution as well. Let’s resolve to “Go from this place.”

Resolve to do something really meaningful in your life. Learn. Read a new book on a subject you’ve been meaning to learn more about. Volunteer to help those in need. Become more active physically and spiritually. Take a course in the Computer School for Seniors. Bring meals (and bring yourselves) to a shelter to serve the poor. Call a relative or friend with whom you don’t speak often and have a lively and cheerful conversation. Take a leisurely walk and listen to nature. Learn about digital photography (it’s very easy!). Tell someone you love them. Tell them again.

Lech L’cha.

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Sage said...

You are right; that is the best way to start the new year. We are never too old to learn something new.Happy and Healty 2010!