Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Star Spotlight

On Fridays we will feature special projects, photography and ideas contributed by talented seniors along with information about the Internet.

Delicious Collaging

Really, my very favorite class to teach is Photoshop Elements Collage. The reason for that is it is a place where my student's creativity springs out onto the computer monitor. And I an privileged to see it when it appears!

Frank Fandrick is a friend of our blog, and does wonderful work. Here are two of my favorites. And we have a bit of a travel commentary to go with the lovely images:

"This collage is 3 separate pictures taken late in the afternoon last fall.

The swans are on Kittattinny Lake in northwestern New Jersey. They stay all year and 5 cygnets are usually born each spring, with 2 being lucky to survive. There were 7 in this herd (strange name for what a group of swan is called, but that is the group name). The lake is manmade, only one mile wide and the western ridge is the Appalachian Trail. It is not far from the highest point in New Jersey.

The picture was taken (3 pictures actually) in the Rose Garden of Bern, Switzerland in 2005. From 1765 - 1877 the Rose Garden served as a cemetery for the lower town. Since 1913 the Rose Garden has been a public park resplendent with the rich beauty of flowers and featuring a pond. It contains over 200 species of roses. The view from the garden down to the lower town is spectacular. It is only a couple of hundred meters from the bear pits (for which Bern is named)."

What a wonderful way to record the moment from a trip. We all travel a lot, and sending a collage to family or friends with several images in it is something really special.

A special thank you from the blog to Frank Fandrick for sharing his fine work with us!

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Love those photos; perfect!