Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures

On Tuesdays we provide our Faculty an opportunity to feature the talented work of some of our students and friends. You may see a display of creative PhotoShop work, their beautiful photographs or an interesting story about an individual’s meaningful contribution to his or her community, country or the world.If you have memories, old or new, you would like to share, send them to me at mxw8110@yahoo.com.

Happy Labor Day Weekend
From Harry

I have always loved the way Valerie talked about her Harry. While I've never met him, I've seen many pictures and he is a charmer!

When she sent me the Labor Day greeting in the picture above, I thought I would share it with you. I asked her for some information about him and here is what she said:

"Harry, a gregarious frosted grey Puli (Hungarian sheepdog), was born in Birmingham England and has logged more frequent flyer miles in his young life then many seasoned business travelers.

He began his journey to the USA with a three year stopover in New Jersey...which did not go well. He was rescued four years ago and hopped a flight to the Dallas Fort Worth area making his final destination "The Art Capital of the World" Garland Texas. His Mum is Valerie Jagiello a graphic artist and photographer.

He had no trouble adapting to her lovely Nu Yawk accent and quickly settled into the good life.

Harry became Harry Gareth Edward after watching 'Posh Nosh' a British comedy on PBS. Harry and his Mum watch many British shows. 'He ran to the tv and I knew he liked the sound of those two names.' Spaulding was added a little later while playing catch with a pink Spaulding ball."

"Harry is now known as Harry Gareth Edward Spaulding or HGES to his friends. HGES has blossomed. He is my muse and also a great model!!!" says a proud Mum. "We spend many hours together in the studio doing artsy things and every night we have a special bonding time....we howl. You know that old saying....'A family that howl's together...stays together!'"

HGES has his own email address and regularly converses with over a dozen K9 friends from all over the country.

All the best on Labor Day....y'all!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved reading this what an

interesting pair

Anonymous said...

Bring Harry back again--really cute!