Monday, July 20, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures

On Tuesdays we provide our Faculty an opportunity to feature the talented work of some of our students and friends. You may see a display of creative PhotoShop work, their beautiful photographs or an interesting story about an individual’s meaningful contribution to his or her community, country or the world.If you have memories, old or new, you would like to share, send them to me at

Award Winner

My kids and I often participated in the State Fair of California when they were growing up. They both rode ponies in the 4-H Horse Show where they won much appreciated ribbons for their efforts. Also, one year we did a rather disastrous garden that was great fun but didn’t win anything.

Well, one of my Photoshop students at the junior college where I teach in Dallas won several much deserved ribbons at the Texas State Fair.

Janice and Monroe Roden have attended Photoshop classes with me over the years and I’ve always admired Janice’s talent. She is especially good at creating artistic, interesting collages.

One day in class she opened up the following picture. My reaction was, “Wow, where did you get that!” Turns out she created it for competition in the Texas State Fair and won second place with it!

In this image you see her grandfather in the upper left corner. The watch in the middle of the collage, the brass knuckles and the spurs were his when he was a ranch hand on the Lazy S Ranch in Paducah, Texas in early 1900s. The doll was handmade by his wife who was also cooked for the ranch hands over an open fire.

This gem is an image of Janice's parents at the State Fair in 1930. When they were married she was 15 and he was 25 (he said he was 22 though)! The button and the pin came from the 1934 fair. The cup came from the 1940 fair.

Here are some familiar faces from the Texas State Fair and they won an honorable mention as well.

Here is the collage she won second place with in the 2005 Daughter’s of the American Revolution contest.

What a fun, wholesome way to share pictures about days gone by, our country, or the county fair itself! Of course, it helps to be a great hand at working with images the way Janice is!

Thanks Janice for sharing with us. These collages are as big a treat as county fair corn dogs, roasted corn on the cob and cotton candy!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the collages!!

Anonymous said...

Now there is something that I would just LOVE to learn how to do. I am really impressed with how pretty and nostalgic they are. If large enuf and "framable," they would make wonderful Christmas and birthday gifts for family. Great job - teacher and student. Jane