Friday, May 8, 2009

Internet Magic Friday

Jane Booras is the Editor of numerous newsletters including our Campus Times. She will be sharing how you can find whatever you need - photos, clipart, information, maps, phone numbers - on the Internet.

I do a lot of stuff on my computer.  Spend many hours there each day.  I work, do research, blog, play an occasional game of Super Bounce Out, interact with friends and relatives on Facebook, and lots and lots of email.


 One thing I do NOT do on my computer is diet.  I have just never understood Internet dieting.

Now dieting I DO understand.  I should, as I’ve been doing it on and off for over 50 years.  But dieting on the Internet mystifies me.



Just Google “Diet” and see what comes up.  I dare you.  I just did it, and got 164,000,000 items!  That’s one hundred sixty-four MILLION!  Not as big a number as the national debt, but it gets your attention.  Next I went to “The Latest Diets” on webmd, which is a pretty reliable site: 


There they conveniently list every current diet craze from A to Z (Atkins to The Zone).  You can click for more information on the Biggest Loser Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Cheater’s Diet, Cookie Diet, Hallelujah Diet, 3-day Diet, 3-Week Diet, Shangri-La Diet (seriously!), and my favorite, the Fat Smash Diet.  You get the point.

Each diet selection has its own website, of course, its own experts, and its own “program” to guarantee that you will lose weight safely and easily.  Many require that you “journal.”  That is, write down every bite of food you put into your mouth.  I guess that’s to remind you what you have in the house to eat.  As you read yesterday’s journal, you see  you ate “1/2 cup of peanuts” yesterday, and suddenly you remember there are peanuts in the pantry, so you go running to get a handful!

Many diet programs enable you to look up and record the calories you have eaten that day.  Try Googling “Calorie Counter.”  There are millions of them on the Internet.




No, I think dieting happens far away from the Internet.  I don’t need an email or blogging Internet “buddy” to encourage me, nor calorie counters, journals or nutritional information.  At my age, I know what to put in my body and what not to put in my body.  It’s not on the Internet, it’s in my mind and in my mirror.

So yes, I certainly recommend you invest a part of every day at your computer and on the Internet.  It’s a wonderful world of information, fascination, stimulation, practical help and entertainment.  As for dieting, I recommend instead that you click below and enjoy this lovely Internet minute.  I think I’ll go get a cookie…


Jane Booras is Editor of the Campus Times Newsletter for Computer School for Seniors (


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