Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Make It Happen!!

All over the USA, Seniors are using their years of experience and knowledge to enrich their communities. We are looking forward to sharing the stories of some of these "make it happen" seniors.

Making it Happen at the State Fair

This is a post we put up in one of our past blogs. It is a great example of people getting involved to make fun things happen in their communities.

If you are new to the blog, this post will help you get to know these two special seniors. Friday we will catch up with them and find out what they have been up to lately...

In Texas, Labor Day doesn't just mean Fall is right around the corner. It also means the State Fair is coming. With so many people doing their small part to enter artwork, photography, baked goods, sewing projects, and so much more, the fair comes alive every year. My friends Janice and Bud Roden are two of those participants, and what they contribute is always extra special.

Janice submitted this marvelous collage done as a tribute to a dear friend of hers and placed 1st in the "computer enhanced photo" category.

Janice says, "My dear friend was named John Street. He was a Viet Nam Veteran and he worked religiously at the State Fair of Texas each year at the Viet Nam Memorial Wall. He was completely dedicated to it. He was awarded the bronze star for his conduct during that war. He was afraid of nothing. That is actually what killed him. He has only recently learned to ride a motor cycle, and was riding it one night WITHOUT A HELMET. He hit a deer and that was his down fall. I will always miss him. A wonderful patriot."

One of Bud's many talents is building birdhouses. He won 2nd place in the Creative Arts Project category for this charmer:

He won 4th place for his "little man" figure.

Charming, creative and fun, we congratulate them for their efforts!

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Donna Walence said...

Sounds like the Poolie Harry has a knack for writing and Living..I enjoyed his tail of gratitude...
I also related to Larry Genenders' piece about retirement....I agree, that it is valuable to allow oneself to transition into new passions as we adapt to aging...great work he has and is doing.