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Nancy Merz Nordstrom, author of Learning Later, Living Greater: The Secret of Making the Most of Your After 50 Years will share the benefits of Lifelong Learning on Thursdays.

The Secret for Making the Most of Your After-50 Years.

…a Health Club for Your Mind. Body and Spirit!

Continuing our discussion of Next Chapters opportunities…

In more than 20 communities throughout America, this concept is being turned into tangible programs. Here are some examples.

Chicago Life Opportunities Initiative, Council for the Jewish Elderly – Chicago, Illinois –

As part of the Chicago Life Opportunities Initiative, the Council for Jewish Elderly in conjunction with Loyola University School of Social Work, created an assessment tool called “Mapping Your Future Your Way.” The tool can be used online or in a printed version. Mapping Your Future helps people understand the need for planning and begin to explore their interests in five areas–health, work and leisure, finances, housing and relationships. For each topic, the tool provides a framework of issues to think about and the online version links to other web sites with related information.

Pathways to Vital Living: A Curriculum for Midlife and Beyond, Senior Resources Alliance-Winter Park, Florida -

The Pathways to Vital Living curriculum was developed by the Senior Resource Alliance, the Area Agency on Aging of Central Florida, in collaboration with the Winter Park Health Foundation. It provides a planning and program kit for conducting twelve workshops on varied topics such as: relationship transitions, intentional recreation, meaningful service, mental vitality, and spiritual development. It uses interactive, experiential learning to help older adults assess and explore nine key areas to help them make important life choices.

What’s Next!, Fairhill Center for Aging – Cleveland, Ohio–

As part of the Cleveland Foundation’s Successful Aging Initiative, the What’s Next! Program at Fairhill Center for Aging offers a seminar series where older adults meet in two-hour, weekly sessions to dream, discover, share, and plan for the years ahead, and to develop a lifelong learning plan that encompasses wellness, creativity, values, and spirituality. Facilitators assist with taking stock of personal resources and guidance to a vast array of course offerings and learning opportunities.

Cleveland Metroparks Emerald Neckland O.W.L.S.-Cleveland, Ohio–

The Emerald Necklace O.W.L.S. (Older Workers Leading Success) offers intergenerational opportunities and increased participation of adults 50 years and older as employees, volunteers and participants in public park programs and facilities. It includes three components: 1) older adult volunteer mentors and tutors working with students as part of a park intern program; 2) a volunteer corps to monitor trails; and 3) older adult employment, including recruitment and job-sharing. This project is supported through the Elder Engagement component of The Cleveland Foundation’s Successful Aging Initiative.

Retired Social Workers – An Untapped Resource, National Association of Social Workers Illinois Chapter–Chicago, Illinois-

The Retired Social Workers is sponsored by the National Association of Social Workers and encourage retired social workers to return to social work to serve older adults as paid professionals. The program includes two key components: 1) professional development to re-orient retired social workers to current conditions, agency changes, and present senior issues and attitudes; and 2) placement into positions – as part-time, intermittent or full-time workers – to provide services and support for older adults. As one of its many programs, the Retired Social Workers received a grant from the Chicago Community Trust to place and pay retired social workers for the Chicago Life Opportunities Initiative.


I believe strongly that our members find personal growth from the social aspects of our program as well as from the academic, says one lifelong learner. The programs discussed here are perfect examples of what she says.

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I am coming to say Hi from Canada!
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I just want to encourage you all to keep trying to learn and it will be all worthwhile.
I had no idea what a computer was when reached 60 but I will be 70 this year and it has be a Godbless in my life.
Don't give up; it's right there around the corner waiting for you.
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Happy Canada DAy.