Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scrapbooking Tips

What a lovely thing to say!

Here is a great quotation to encourage us all to take time to preserve our images and the facts about our everyday lives for family and friends whether scrapbooking or blogging:

I want to encourage "baby boomers" and senior citizens to use digital storytelling to preserve their memories and life stories for future generations.

Here is the mission: using today's technology to tell yesterday's stories to tomorrow's generations. The current popularity of scrapbooking and genealogy all indicate that there is an interest to preserve these memories. But those who study genealogy know that we can find the dates and facts about a life, but stories that are not preserved are lost forever.

Everyone has a story to tell. Digital storytelling is one way to preserve and share our family legacies. Perhaps I can also work into the process a "retirement transition" focus, using digital stories as a way of finding a new purpose in retirement after a very busy working life.

Learning to share digital stories could become a powerful transition activity. And in the process, new retirees could learn technology skills that they might have missed in their professional careers.

Here is also an opportunity for schools, as well, to bring this digital storytelling process to their communities, to match young people who have the technology skills with older people who have the stories to be preserved.

Then, we can truly become a community of lifelong learners who share our knowledge and wisdom with each other.

(Dr. Helen Barrett)

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Sage said...

I have never done Scrapbooking but you make it sound very interesting.