Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Star Review

The year 2009 brought many mixed blessings along with it. For our blog, that year featured exceptional images and stories. Since we have more and more new people befriending our blog, on Saturdays we have decided to do a review of some of the Stars from our first year.

Restore and Collage

Jane Kennedy, one of my gifted students, showed me this lovely collage she had created. I just cannot say enough about the creativity, sense of design and talent I see continuously when dealing with my wonderful 50-to-90-age-group students!

When I asked her if we could use her collage in our blog she kindly consented.


There is a sweet story that goes along with it. The image the collage is created around is of her mother, Pauline Baxley. Jane found this picture in a box after her brother had passed away. She had never seen it before. Her mother had written “Pondie” right across the front of the photograph!!

Jane says, “Thank goodness she did that or I never would have known who it was!” Jane is a Photoshop user, so she was able to remove the signature.

Then her recipe for such a successful image, was to use a scrapbook background she found in one of her books. Next she found the fashion ladies and the old automobile on the Internet and added those to her collage in Photoshop Elements. She stirred these appealing elements together and ended up with a charming collage for herself and her family!!

Thank you Jane for sharing this wonderful collage with all of us!

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Sage said...

That is so beautiful and touching! Please post more about your first year. Love comoing here; thank you for visiting me Mimi.