Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures

On Tuesdays we provide our Faculty an opportunity to feature the talented work of some of our students and friends. You may see a display of creative PhotoShop work, their beautiful photographs or an interesting story about an individual’s meaningful contribution to his or her community, country or the world.If you have memories, old or new, you would like to share, send them to me at mxw8110@yahoo.com.

The "Curator's" Old Picture Website
This post features a fun, kind of fey and certainly interesting website that I follow. Compiled by someone called “the curator” it is done “featuring an extensive collection of historical photographs. The collection includes images from the years 1850 to 1940. These photographs span the globe, and present a unique view of our past. Join us in developing a love and appreciation for vintage photographs.”

As you click on a photograph to view an enlarged version, other thumbnails will appear to lead you to other images you might want to see. At the moment, there are five categories where you will find collections to view.

The first image you see below is from the Defining Moments category. The curator says, “There are certain moments in our history that define an entire era, and there are key photographs which captured those moments. This section of the website is dedicated to those moments, and the images that captured them for posterity.”

“With the decrease in supply of workers, and an increase in the demand for workers, American Women stood up, left the home, and filled the holes in the factory lines left by men fighting in the war. These women filled the ranks of defense contractors like Douglas Aircraft Company, and they turned out equipment of impeccable quality.

Heroism and bravery on the front lines were doubtless a key element of victory in World War II. However, this heroism would have been in vain if these brave men on the front lines did not have equipment that worked, and performed as expected.

Women working in the War Effort were the unsung and unrecognized heroes of the war. They manufactured military equipment with pride, and that equipment performed exceptionally well, and played a critical role in the Allied victory. Today, we salute the Women Workers of America.”

The Picture Collections category is fascinating. “Below for your perusal is a highly creative photograph of "Waiting for the President". It was created in 1922. The photo illustrates a young girl seated on the White House steps with a camera by her side.”

“Below, for your browsing pleasure, is a majestic photo of a Polish emigrant boarding a ship at Ellis Island. It was made in 1907. The illustration documents Emigration & immigration.”

And last but not least is the Picture of the Day category which changes continually. (There is advertising on the site, so stick to the menu called This Site.)
Applause to “the curator” for organizing these wonderful old pictures for us all!

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