Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Star Spotlight

On Fridays we will feature special projects, photography and ideas contributed by talented seniors along with information about the Internet.

Special Effects and Scrapbooking Links

Norma Babbitt is a wonderful photographer. She has that great eye some people are blessed with which helps her put unique images together in Photoshop as well. I have included several of them in this post.

I am also including three scrapbooking links she kindly gave us where we can find some great backgrounds and other fun (and sometimes free) image enhancement items.

Below is an image Norma and her grandson created together for a Special Effects Class. She had the idea, and he helped by adding the mouth. Won't he be dynamite with Photoshop?!

The next two images come from taking a picture of an easel and window and adding a personal touch. First a field of flowers:

And then a Halloween greeting. Too much fun right here folks!! You gotta love this one!

And here is the note from Norma about the scrapbooking websites:

"These are some of my favs in digital scrapbooking. I signed up for newsletters from each of these websites:
Click on her “freebies” and download those. They are really nice and have layers. They would be good for your students to play around with. Her stuff is usually expensive to buy. (my very favorite!)
This newsletter comes every day except Sunday and each has a “freebie” in it toward the bottom. Also, tutorials are in there on some days. The stuff here is inexpensive to buy and it’s fun.
This is one I joined for about $35 per year. You get a full kit each month to download and also some videos on different subjects. Linda Sattgast is the owner and I have purchased her instructional videos in the past and they are good. I think she has a new one on Elements 8.

**One thing to keep in mind – none of these scrapbook pages can be shared with other people or sent to others via email in their original form. And they can’t be used in anything that is sold, they are just for personal use. They are copyrighted and each site has it’s own rules.

Hope you and your students have some fun with these sites."

Happy surfing!!"

A special thank you to Norma Babbitt for sharing her images and favorite links with us.

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