Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Find it with Zuula!

Here is another tip from one of the wonderful teachers I had when I took classes at a local community college. Can't beat tips from a pro!

Does it bother you that the results from search engine to search engine can be very different? As
I sometimes do, you probably run an important search in various search enginesjust to make certain you did not miss anything. Take a minute and experiment with Zuula!

Zuula is really one part metasearch engine and one part time-saver! It searches other engines and brings you individual lists that you can compare and contrast without running multiple searches or opening multiple windows.

Zuula’s real power is not as much in its search but in its functionality and customization. Run a
search in Zuula and you will get a series of results tabs. Each tab is a results list from a different
search engine. Simply click the tabs to compare and contrast the results.

Want to specify which engines are being searched and in which order? No problem! Zuula can be customized to poll only the search engines you trust and in an order ranked by you. You can even set your preferences by type of content (web, images, video, blogs, etc.) being searched.

Visit http://www.zuula.com/ and give it a try!


Rita said...

Going to check out Zuula; thank you.

Anonymous said...

You are right--this is a good one! Arlene J.

Pooja sharma said...

hey very nice post..thanks for sharing it..

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