Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is Your Computer Cranky?

I had some great teachers when I went back to school at my local community college here in Dallas at age 55 to learn about the computer. Here is a tip from one of the very best of those dedicated people!

Hold on--don't be so quick to reboot your Windows PC. Rebooting is the go-to solution when a program won't shut down or the system starts dragging or acting unstable. There is, however, another way. The Windows Task Manager is a powerful tool for troubleshooting and resolving issues in Windows.

Task Manager shows you the programs, processes, and services that are currently running on your computer. You can use Task Manager to monitor your computer’s performance or to close a program that is not responding.What is the fastest way to get to Windows Task Manager? Many of you probably use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Did you know that there is an even faster way to launch Windows Task Manager that will bypass the Ctrl + Alt + Delete menu?

The next time your computer is being cantankerous try this shortcut key combination: Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Your computer will load Windows Task Manager and allow you to instantly use the troubleshooting tools available in Task Manager. After all, Windows Task Manager is about resolving your Windows issues and getting you back to the task at hand!

Here is a very interesting link for you to use where you can get more computer tips, social networking information and even an English lesson...it is written by three of the teachers from the department I studied in at the college...


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Great tip! Jack