Friday, January 13, 2012

Harry is back!

Harry has posted on our blog over the years, and we are very pleased to have him return as a contributor. Our pets enrich our lives in a very special way so we will look forward to animal tales from our Puli-at-large.

Hello All,

I'm back....and together we're starting a year filled with new beginnings, a new fresh looking blog and a whole bunch of new friends and stories.

Like the blog, Mum and I took the last year off and did many crazy and wonderful things. I hope to share some of those tails with you.

The most exciting event of the year started out during the Christmas holidays in 2010. Mum and I talked it over and decided to open our hearts and home to a new pack mate. Mum contacted our special friend Sandy who happens to breed Pulis and told her we were looking for a new addition. Sandy was instrumental in putting us together several years ago and she was eager to help again.

A month later on a bright and sunny day in February we drove to McKinney. Sandy had several lads who were looking to join a new pack. Since I would be there older brother....the choice would be mine.

Upon arriving we made our way to the backyard and met the first lad whose name was Rossi. He was two, with black hair and brown eyes. A nice enough bloke who was more interested in Mum and Sandy then meeting or playing with me.

The second choice was "Fish". He was a young laddie just 15 months old. His black coat was just starting to cord and he had gentle brown eyes. Fish was a gawky lad with long legs and boundless energy. All you could see was a blurred black shape that would stop and start again. The best thing about Fish was his warm greeting and interest in Mum and me!

My last choice was Spencer who was the oldest....about three. He had the same black hair and brown eyes but was distant and showed little interest in meeting us. Spencer's Mum had become ill and had to give him up. You could see how much he missed her.

They were all a great bunch of lads and after talking it over....we both decided on "Fish". The only thing we didn't care for was his name. It would be a month before Fish would be joining us permanently so during this time we set out to find him a better name. First,there was the obvious choice....Fischer Price...then on to Fischer then finally....Fischer! His new full name is Allister Fischer Edward Spaulding lll.

With the addition of Fischer this last year was filled with lots of treats and some growing pains. Now we're best buddies and proper pack mates who play together all the time. I've started teaching him the ropes on modelling and how to pose. He's still a wee laddie and a ball of energy so it's going to take some time for him to settle down.

Fischer is a tad taller then me and he was born in Oklahoma. I was born in Birmingham UK. In the coming months you'll be seeing and hearing more about Fischer...he's such a little devil. We just celebrated our birthdays this past December....his 2nd and my 9th..We had fun, wore pointed hats, got lots and lots of presents and shared an extra large vanilla cup cake with a doggie face iced on top.

Cheerio..... it's time for me to run. Fischer and I are going to playball in the backyard.

Harry Gareth Edward Spaulding

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